For over a decade, the owners of our family-run business, have focused on crafting and supplying timeless quality diamond jewellery.

Our Jewellery design and diamond cutting expertise have earned us a firm reputation in the diamond and jewellery industry of being pioneers of handcrafted Jewellery of the highest standard. Our Diamond Jewellery is crafted with honesty and integrity as our top priority and our diamonds are direct from the source as a “first hands of trade” Industry supplier.

With the licence to do so, we source only the best quality rough diamonds from South African mines, and in accordance with the Kimberly Process. Our rough diamonds are then cut and polished to perfection ensuring full supervision and quality assurance every step of the way.

The entire process from mine to finger is ethical and meticulous, and all of our diamonds are sent to be independently graded by both reputable and internationally recognised GIA and EGL laboratories.

Our passion is offering only the most beautiful and brilliant diamonds that are worthy of becoming a family heirloom to treasure forever.

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